I believe that each of you can master the skills required in Composition, or in any of my other courses. But mastering such skills takes time, focus, and attention. Success, if you are a struggling writer, takes grit and determination. I meet on a weekly basis with students who have serious writing challenges. Please contact me if you want and need this kind of assistance. 

***Muskingum University students: Set up an appointment with a writing consultant at MU.***

Muskingum University

Spring 2023 Courses!

Previous MU Courses


Add my comics course and read My Favorite Thing Is Monsters!

  • ENGL 311: Young Adult Literature
  • ENGL 231: Early British Literature

Classes at Marietta College

  • COLL 120: Reflective Writing
  • PIO 101-18: Superheroes 
  • PIO 201-04: The Disappearing Body
  • WRIT 102-05: College Composition

Classes at Defiance College

  • English 498 Disability and Literary Theory
  • English 125: Composition
  • English 220: Topics in Literature: Ecocriticism
  • English 295 Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • English 109 Writing Workshop
  • English 325: Postcolonial Literature
  • English 123 Media Writing
  • English 395: Harry Potter and Fantasy Literature
  • English 290: Introduction to Language and Literature
  • English 395: Comics
  • English 25O: Composition 2 Online
  • English 355: British Literature
  • English 425: Modern and Contemporary Literature
  • English 225: Comp II
  • English 345: American Literature
  • Humanities 375: Topics in Film
  • Music 230: History of Rock and Roll



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